Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Members of IRCs & CRDs

Updated: January 17, 2018

TAC Responsibilities 

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Members act as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for their organization for each specific CRD:

  • Represent industry and stakeholder R&D needs in the selected area.
  • Provide input and feedback to CRD holder on an on-going basis.
  • Review draft research proposal (and involve the Member’s RAC Representative as appropriate); e.g. CRD holder to circulate the draft proposal to Team Members and seek their feedback.
  • Facilitate industry support letter (e.g. industry signature on proposal form).
  • Review the R&D project status reports received from the CRD holder and provide feedback.
  • Provide feedback to the Member’s RAC Representative on the benefits delivered from the results of research projects.
  • Provide feedback to the Member’s RAC Representative on the effectiveness of UNENE R&D project and the required improvements.

TAC Members as of January 2018

Industrial Research Chairs (IRC)

Researcher TAC Member Email
McMaster – John Luxat / David Novog

Nuclear Safety and Thermalhydraulics

William Tse (OPG)
Yan Jiang (BP)
L. Leung  (CNL)
Queen’s – Mark Daymond              

Nuclear Materials

Grant Bickel  (CNL)
Doug Scarth  (Kinectrics)
Malcolm Griffiths
Ontario Tech – Tony Waker / Ed Waller

Health Physics and Environmental Safety

Joanne Ball  (CNL)
Jovica Atanackovic (OPG)
Loc Nguyen (OPG)
Cherie-Lee Fietsch (BP)
Andrei Hanu
Toronto – Roger Newman              

Corrosion Control and Materials Performance in Nuclear Power Systems

Peter Angell  (CNL)
Mike Wright  (CNL – alternate)
Jared Smith  (CNL- alternate)
Bill Harper  (BP)
Ken Sedman  (BP – alternate)
Ernest Lu  (BP – alternate)
Dave Evans  (OPG)
Paul Spekkens  (OPG)
Josie Barbito  (OPG – alternate)
Otto Yong  (OPG alternate)
Alex Di Ilio  (OPG alternate)
Kristine Liao  (OPG alternate)
Waterloo – Mahesh Pandey       

Risk Based Life Cycle Management of Engineering Systems

Peter Angell  (CNL)
Pardis Khavari  (OPG)
Joan Higgs  (BP)
UWO – Jin Jiang

Control, Instrumentation and Electrical Systems in Nuclear Power Plants

Don Hayter  (OPG)
Steve Ostrowski  (BP)
Majid Borairi  (CANDU Energy)
Bhaskar Sur  (CNL)
Zhao Chang Zeng  (CNSC/CCSN)
John de Grosbois (COG)
Western – Clara Wren                     

Radiation Induced Corrosion

Otto Yong  (OPG)
Peter Keech  (NWMO)
Peter Tremaine  (Waterloo)
T.K. Sham  (Western)
Guelph – Peter Tremaine                

High Temperature Aqueous Chemistry

David Evans  (OPG)
Craig Stuart,  (CNL)
Sophie Gingras   (CNSC)
Bill Little  (BP)
Steve McGee  (COG)
Tammy Yang (NWMO)

Collaborative Research and Development (CRD)

Researcher TAC Member Email
Suraj Persaud – Queen’s

SCC of Ni-Fe Alloys and IASCC of Stainless Steels: Evaluation using Micro-mechanical Testing Techniques

William Cook – U New Brunswick
Evaluation of the Effect of Ion Exchange Resin on Feeder Integrity
Thomas Krause – RMC
Pulsed Eddy Current For Rapid Scanning Of Insulated Steel In CANDU® Reactors
Ernest Lu (Bruce Power)
Jeremy Buck (CNL)
Sankar Laxman (CNSC)
Sean Sullivan (OPG)
Zhongwen Yao – Queen’s
Investigation of Irradiated Spacer Materials (X750 and Zr-Nb-Cu)
Nick Van de Brekel (Kinectrics)
Wenjing Li (CNL)
David Cho (Brucepower)
Mark Daymond – Queen’s
Decommissioning CRD
Towards an optimum membrane and membrane assembly for the filtration of heavy water containing tritiated heavy water
Carl Haas – Waterloo
Decommissioning CRD
Robotics and Automation for Optimal Characterization for Nuclear Power Plan Decommissioning
Glenn Harvel – Ontario Tech
Decommissioning CRD
Waste Management and Radionuclide Monitoring
Clara Wren – Western
Decommissioning CRD
Methodology development for volume reduction and safe storage and disposal of solid and liquid radioactive wastes and secondary wastes
Vasile Bostan (OPG)
Barb Noye (OPG)
Angela Schoellig – Toronto
Decommissioning CRD
Networked Drones for Concrete Structure, Environmental and Radiation Surveys
Marilyn Lightstone – McMaster
CFD Based Thermal-hydraulics Analysis of Corium Melt Pool Behavior and Coolability in Calandria Vessel
Guanjun Wang (OPG)
Robert David (CNL)
Deep Home (Kinectrics NSS)
Yan Jiang (BP)
John Luxat (McMaster)
Clara Wren – Western
Radiolysis-induced Corrosion of Dissimilar Metal Welds
Otto Yong  (OPG)
Peter Keech  (NWMO)
Peter Tremaine  (Guelph)
T.K. Sham  (Western)
Peter Tremaine – Western
Thermodynamic Data and Models for Coolant and Moderator Chemistry Under CANDU Operating Conditions)
David Evans  (OPG)
Craig Stuart,  (CNL)
Ram Kameswaran  (CNSC)
Bill Little  (BP)
Steve McGee  (COG)
Frank Garisto, (NWMO)
Daniel Wells  (EPRI)
Atef Mohany – Ontario Tech
Investigation of the Dynamic Response of CANDU Fuel Bundle Due to Acoustic Pressure Pulsations in the HTS Piping System
Richard Scrannage  (BP)
Behzad Alavi  (OPG)
Ali Keshavarz  (OPG)
Bruce Smith  (CNL)
Robert Klassen – Western
Study of The Effect of Helium, Irradiation, and Temperature on the Embrittlement of Inconel X-750 CANDU Garter Spring Spacers
Malcolm Griffiths  (CNL)
David Cho  (BP)
Yong-Zhi Wang  (CNSC)
Dan Jobba  (OPG)
Thomas Krause
Comprehensive Model of Eddy Current Based Pressure Tube to Calandria Tube Gap Measurement
Larry Micuda  (BP)
Jeffrey Olfert  (CNL)
Zahid Rehman  (OPG)
Zhongwen Yao – Queen’s

Aging of Inconel X-750 Spacer Material

Malcolm Griffiths  (CNL)
Dan Jobba  (OPG)
David Cho  (BP)
Eleodor Nichita – Ontario Tech
Improved CANDU Core Homogenization and Benchmark Models
Ovidiu Nainer  (BP)
Dumitru Serghiuta  (CNSC)
Alexandre Trottier  (CNL)
Zlatko Catovic  (OPG)
Stavros Tavoularis – Ottawa
Experimental and Computational Studies of Two-Phase Flows in Nuclear Reactor Systems
Yan Jiang  (BP)
Aurelian Tanase  (CNSC)
Yanfei Rao  (CNL)
Wie Liauw  (OPG)
Wei-Chau Xie – Waterloo
Seismic Risk Analysis and Design of Nuclear Plants
Amitabh Dar  (BP)
George Stoyanov  (CNSC)
Joe Van Meter  (CNL)
Wei Liu  (Candu Energy Inc.)
Ming Han  (Candu Energy Inc.)
Thomas Krause – RMCC
Advanced Inspection of Steam Generator Tubing Structures Using Transient Eddy Current
Ken Sedman  (BP)
Sean Sullivan  (OPG)
Gordon Bruce  (OPG)
Brian Lepine  (CNL)
Jovica Riznic,  (CNSC)
Emily Corcoran – RMCC
Molybdenum based Oxygen Sensors and Analysis for Intact and Defective Fuel
Ernest Lu  (BP)
Todd Daniels  (OPG)


RMC IRC – Brent Lewis      (ended August 2013)

Guelph CRD: Peter Tremaine  (“Thermodynamic Data and Models for Coolant and Moderator
Chemistry Under CANDU Operating Conditions”

WATERLOO CRD: Wei Chau Xie  (“Seismic Risk Analysis and Design of Nuclear Power Plants”)

GUELPH CRD: Peter Tremaine  (“Predictive Models for D2O Isotope Effects on Ionization and Metal Hydrolysis Under CANDU-6 Coolant Conditions”)

Ontario Tech CRD: Scott Nokleby  (“Development of New CANDU Fuel Channel Inspection Tools for Increased Inspection Speed”)

Waterloo CRD: Wei-Chau Xie  (“Seismic Risk Analysis of Nuclear Plants”)

Ontario Tech CRD: Shahram Shahbazpanahi  (“Advancement of Sensor Array Processing and MIMO Signal Processing for Non-Destructive Testing”)

McMaster CRD: Marilyn Lightstone  (“Improved Understanding of Inter-Subchannel Thermal Mixing”)

UWO CRD: David Shoesmith  (“Mechanical and Chemical Indicators for SCC in Alloy 800 Steam Generator Tubing”)

Guelph CRD: Peter Tremaine  (“D2O Isotope Effects on Ionization, Transition Metal Hydrolysis and Solubility Under CANDU-6 Coolant Conditions”)

UWO CRD – Robert Klassen  (“Micro-indentation studies of the local ductility of Zr-2.5Nb CANDU pressure tubes”)

  • Nick Van d B/Jocelyn Denis (OPG)
  • Brian Leitch (CNL)
  • Larry Micuda or Jason Goldberg (Bruce Power)

Queen’s CRD: Mark Daymond  (“Delayed Hydride Cracking in Zirconium during Heat-up and at Low Temperature”)

  • Nick Van d B/Jocelyn Denis (OPG)
  • Doug Rodgers (CNL)
  • G. Shek (Kinectrics Inc.)

Toronto CRD: Masahiro  Kawaji  (“Liquid film dryout and IBIF in CANDU fuel channels”)

Queen’s CRD: Lynn Clapham  (“Measurement of near-surface residual stress in CANDU feeder pipes using magnetic non-destructive evaluation techniques”)

  • Ming Li (OPG) Gary (Lam OPG)
  • Mike Upton (Bruce Power)