Completed Research Cooperative Projects

Investigation of the Dynamic Response of CANDU Fuel Bundle Due to Acoustic Pressure Pulsations in the HTS Piping System

2016.07.01 – 2019.06.30

Atef Mohany, Ontario Tech University
Marwan Hassan, University of Guelph

Thermodynamic Data and Models for Coolant and Moderator Chemistry Under CANDU Operating Conditions

Peter Tremaine, University of Guelph

Study of The Effect of Helium, Irradiation, and Temperature on the Embrittlement of Inconel X-750 CANDU Garter Spring Spacers

2014.12.23 – 2017.12.22

Robert Klassen, Western University

Comprehensive Model of Eddy Current Based Pressure Tube to Calandria Tube Gap Measurement

2014.07.01 – 2018.12.31

Thomas Krause, Royal Military College

Aging of Inconel X-750 Spacer Material

2013.06.01 – 2017.05.31

Zhongwen Yao, Queen’s University

Improved CANDU Core Homogenization and Benchmark Models

2014.04.01 – 2018.03.31

Eleodor Nichita, Ontario Tech University

Experimental and Computational Studies of Two-Phase Flows in Nuclear Reactor Systems

2014.01.01 – 2017.12.31

Stavros Tavoularis, University of Ottawa

Seismic Risk Analysis and Design of Nuclear Power Plants

2014.09.01 – 2017.12.31

Wei-Chau Xie, University of Waterloo

Mechanical and Chemical Indicators for SCC in Alloy 800 Steam Generator Tubing

2013.04.01 – 2016.03.31

David Shoesmith, Western University
Sridhar Ramamurthy, Western University

Molybdenum based Oxygen Sensors and Analysis for Intact and Defective Fuel Studies

2012.06.01 – 2018.11.30

Emily Corcoran, Royal Military College

Development of New Fuel Channel Inspection Tools for Increased Inspection Speed

2012.02.01 – 2016.04.30

Scott Nokleby, Ontario Tech University

Advancement of Sensor Array Processing for Non-Destructive Testing in Nuclear Power Plants

2011.01.01 – 2015.12.31

Shahram Shahbazpanahi, Ontario Tech University

Seismic Risk Analysis of Nuclear Plants

2011.01.01 – 2013.12.31

Wie-Chau Xie, University of Waterloo

Experimental and Computational Studies of Two-Phase Flows in Nuclear Reactor Systems

2010.09.01 – 2013.08.31

Stavros Tavoularis, University of Ottawa

Improved Understanding of Intersubchannel Thermal Mixing

2011.01.01 – 2013.12.31

Marilyn Lightstone, McMaster University

Mechanical and Chemical Indicators for SCC in Alloy 800 SG Tubing Materials

*CRD closed effective 2012 and transferred to Shoesmith/Ramamurthy

Leo Lau, Western University

Delayed Hydride Cracking in Zirconium during Heat-up and at Low Temperature

2008 – 2011

Mark Daymond, Queen’s University

Liquid film dryout and IBIF in CANDU fuel channels

2007 – 2010

Masahiro Kawaji, University of Toronto

Improved Understanding of Inter-Subchannel Thermal Mixing

2005 – 2007

Marilyn Lightstone, McMaster University