NSERC and UNENE sponsored Industrial Research Chairs (IRC)

Industry funds from our Sponsors are matched by NSERC for the creation of Industrial Research Chairs (IRC) in support of research and development. The IRCs support professorship salaries and their research grants.

For administrative matters relating to the research chairs, see the IRC Admin Area

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IRC Title IRC Holder Research Summary
Admin Documentation
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Nuclear Safety Analysis and Thermalhydraulics
McMaster University
Dr. J. Luxat IRC
Dr. D. Novog IRC
Dr. Luxat
Dr. Novog
Queen’s University
Dr. M. Daymond  IRC
Prof. Rick Holt, Past Chair (retired)
Nuclear Fuels                              – IRC completed August 2013
Royal Military College
Dr. Brent Lewis
Corrosion Control and Materials Performance in Nuclear Power Systems
University of Toronto
Dr. Roger Newman  IRC
Health Physics and Environmental Safety
Ontario Tech University
Dr. E. Walller IRC
Dr. K. Atkinson, Associate Chair
Risk-based Life Cycle Management
University of Waterloo
Dr. Mahesh Pandey  IRC
Control, Instrumentation and Electrical Systems
Western University
Dr. Jin Jiang  IRC
Radiation-Induced Chemistry and Corrosion
Western University
Dr. Clara Wren  IRC
High Temperature Aqueous Chemistry
University of Guelph
Dr. Peter Tremaine  IRC