UNENE Research Facilities

Canadian Research Facilities
Canadian Nuclear Research & Training Facilities  Rev.1,  May 2014 (pdf 240kb)
McMaster University – John Luxat/Dave Novog

Major points regarding CANS:

  1.  Only such PIE capability at any university world-wide
  2. Provides the first 3D atom probe in Canada  – the instrument of current choice for atomistic materials characterization.  ORNL and INL have such instruments.
  3. Provides 2 state of the art SEM/FIB microscopy instruments and a TEM instrument (donated by Kinectrics)
  4. Capability to perform material tensile testing at temperatures up to 1400 C ( more than we currently need but accommodates future high temperature materials)
CHF Test Facilities  2014.12.16 (pdf 938kb)
Queen’s University – Mark Daymond
Ontario Tech University – Tony Waker/Ed Waller
Research Infrastructure  2014.12.16 (pdf 960kb)
Western University – Jin Jiang
Nuclear I&C Research Lab  2014.12.16 (pdf 7Mb)