In What Order Should You take UNENE Courses?

(The Ideal)

There is a logical order in which UNENE courses should be taken: some early on (broader courses that describe the basic characteristics of nuclear reactors and CANDUs), some mid-degree (specialist or applied courses) and some later (drawing from material presented in the first two categories). ADMI courses are generally not sensitive to order. Given the UNENE course timetable, it is not always possible to do the ideal order, especially if students rush through the degree. However students do have some flexibility, and the list below shows the recommended order in which courses should be taken, broken down into three categories: early, middle, late.  The binning into early versus late is the most important distinction from the point of view of effective learning.

Early Courses

Middle Courses

Late Courses

UN 802  Nuclear Reactor Physics

UN 601  Instrumentation and Electrical Systems in CANDU based Nuclear Power Plants

UN 806  Nuclear Fuel Engineering

UN 502  Nuclear Power Plant Systems and Operations

UN 807  Power Plant Thermodynamics

UN 602  Nuclear Fuel Waste Management

UN 804  Nuclear Reactor Heat Transport System Design

UN 901  Nuclear Materials

UN 701  Engineering Risk and Reliability


UN 805  Introduction to Operational Health Physics

UN 803  Nuclear Reactor Safety Design


UN 603  Project Management for Nuclear Engineers

UN 501  Fuel Management



UN 808  Reactor Chemistry and Corrosion