UNENE Creation of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)

Training and development of HQP through research and education continue to yield high caliber graduate students who upon successful completion of their theses have been recruited by industry partners and other institutions, such as universities and government. As of Sept 2009, the current complement of graduate student in the research program UNENE wide are reported to be over 130 graduate students. The number of MASc and PhD students that graduated during the same period amount to twenty six (26) MASc and twenty five (25) PhD graduates. Sixty percent (60%) of the Masters graduates were hired by industry partners, whereas thirty two percent (32%) of the PhD graduates were attracted by industry. AMEC Foster Wheeler NSS was the most successful UNENE partner in hiring the new graduates, followed by CNL and Bruce Power. The UNENE education program has also experienced an increased enrollment in the last two years. There are currently 52 active students in the M.Eng program. The program is also gaining credibility as a means of competency building (for career advancement), and knowledge transfer and preservation to young industry professionals. Up to now, thirty seven (37) students have graduated from the M.Eng program out of 103 enrolled. Most of the students in the M.Eng program are from OPG. It is expected that the new Distance Learning tools, currently in use for course deliveries, will entice students from distant sites such as Bruce Power, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and Chalk River Laboratories to enroll. New courses are being added to the program, along with more courses being offered on a quarterly basis. The supply of HQP has been key in addressing the demographic gaps experienced by industry in the last few years.
UNENE sponsored research students (Industrial Research Chairs and Collaborative Research and Development grants)