Thermal Hydraulics Refresher Course

This refresher is highly recommended preparation for UN 0804 Nuclear Reactor Heat Transport System Design.

Date:August 12 & 13, 2023
Start:9:00 am
Format:Two day compressed workshop containing lectures and hands-on sessions
Prerequisite:Undergraduate degree in engineering or science
Location:Online delivery via Zoom
Instructor:Dr. Nikola Popov, McMaster University
Registration:Online registration form

This is a standalone course providing an overview of the fundamentals of thermal hydraulics, useful for a wider group of reactor designers, safety analysts, and nuclear engineers. It is also a preparatory short course for UNENE students who are taking the UN 0804 graduate course on thermal hydraulics design of the reactor’s primary heat transport system.

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Provides fundamentals of mass, momentum, and energy conservation laws; reactor thermodynamics; reactor fluid mechanics; and two-phase flow and heat transfer in the reactor’s primary heat transport system.
  2. Provides an overview of the UN 0804 full graduate course, including an overview of the primary heat transport system of various reactor types, design objectives and process, design and operation of primary heat transport system components, heat and mass transfer in the reactor core, design and operation of the secondary heat transport system of CANDU and pressurized reactors, concepts of the reactor thermal efficiency, principles of reactor thermal margins, the concept of critical heat flux in the core, the dryout and the post dryout heat transfer, and pressure drop in various components of the primary heat transport system.

Course Material (2023):

  1. UNENE Overview
  2. Introduction
  3. Fundamental Thermal hydraulics
  4. Two-Phase Flow Fundamentals
  5. Heat and Mass Transfer Fundamentals
  6. System Thermal hydraulics
  7. Fuel Channel Thermal Hydraulics
  8. Experimental Thermal Hydraulics

Previous course material is not available at this time.