Safety Refresher Course

This refresher is highly recommended preparation for UN 0803 Nuclear Reactor Safety Design.

Date:December 4 & 5, 2021
Start:9:00 am
Format:Two day compressed workshop containing lectures and hands-on sessions
Prerequisite:Undergraduate degree in engineering or science
Location:Planned for online delivery via Zoom due to COVID-19 pandemic circumstances
Instructor:Dr. Victor Snell, McMaster University

UNENE Safety Refresher Course Material

This course will suit people working in nuclear energy, and UNENE students, who want training in CANDU safety.

This introductory course serves two purposes:

  1. It provides a stand-alone overview and summary of CANDU reactor safety and safety analysis, drawing concepts from the graduate UN 0803 course, CANDU reactor safety design. The topics summarized include hazards of radiation, goal of reactor safety, identifying accidents and calculating their consequences, defence against accidents, safety design and operating principles, shutdown system design, emergency core cooling system design, containment design, safety analysis methodology and a safety analysis example. The introduction alone is not for academic credit, but attendees’ employers may choose to credit it as part of employee training.
  2. It is an introduction to, and presents highlights of, the graduate UNENE course UN 0803. This would benefit UNENE graduate students who plan to take the formal course, as it will expose them to the course’s key ideas.

Attendees must register in advance with Areti Tsiliganos ( A reminder will be sent leading up to the dates for the courses.