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Refresher courses are now called Short Courses!

The following Short Courses (2 days) cover a variety of topics in nuclear science and engineering.

They are designed to assist both UNENE program graduate students as well as nuclear industry professionals looking to brush up on important material.

Keep an eye on this page! Additional courses may be offered in the future.

Short Courses are not for academic credit.

Upcoming courses

This new course is recommended preparation for UN502 Nuclear Power Plant Operations.

July 13-14, 2024

Refresher courses

Recommended preparation for UN0808 Reactor Chemistry and Corrosion.

Recommended preparation for most UNENE courses.

Check out the NucEng.ca Concepts page for refresher math information. NTEC also has good resources.

Recommended preparation for UN0802 Nuclear Reactor Physics.

Nuclear Fuel Engineering

Recommended preparation for UN806 Nuclear Fuel Engineering

Recommended preparation for UN0803 Nuclear Reactor Safety Design.

Recommended preparation for UN0807 Power Plant Thermodynamics.

More resources

CANDU Nuclear Power Plant Overview

Introduction to CANDU

Reference Text: Nuclear Power Plant Systems and Operation
This is the reference text used in UN0502 Nuclear Power Plant Systems and Operation and is made freely available on CANTEACH. This will provide a good overview of the main systems and operations of the CANDU Nuclear Power Plant.


NucEng.ca Teaching page
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