UN XX00 – Engineering Project

  • If you are taking the Industrial Research Project, you should register at your home university, ie UN0500 at Ontario Tech, UN0600 at Western, UN0700 at Waterloo, UN0800 at McMaster, UN0900 at Queen’s.


If they so elect, candidates for the M. Eng. (Nuclear Engineering) Degree may do an Engineering Project in an industrial laboratory. This consists of an industry-oriented project under the co-supervision of a suitably qualified staff scientist and a university supervisor. The engineering project counts as two non-core UNENE courses, and requires the same amount of work and time as taking two UNENE courses. UNENE will attempt to facilitate an engineering project in consultation with the candidate and  through negotiation with the candidate’s employer. A satisfactory project topic and appropriate arrangements are required for the project to be approved by UNENE. Upon completion, the candidate will submit a substantial report on the project and make a presentation on it at the university. The engineering project can only be undertaken after at least half the required UNENE M.Eng. courses have been taken.


See Guidance on UNENE Project Courses UNENE requirements on Engineering Projects.