Course Schedule

Course Schedules

The format of the UNENE courses recognizes that the majority of students in UNENE hold full-time jobs in the nuclear industry. Live courses are typically presented in three to four alternate weekend sessions. The concept is to bring the courses to the students, so the location is chosen in an educational centre or appropriate facility near to where the majority of the students work. To cater for students working at sites remote from the GTA, courses can also be given using distance education tools, which in addition allows more flexibility in class scheduling. The course content and requirements are the same in both cases. Course designations are as follows:

UN 05 –  given under the auspices of the Ontario Tech University
UN 06  – given under the auspices of the Western University
UN 07  – given under the auspices of the University of Waterloo
UN 08  – given under the auspices of McMaster University
UN 09  – given under the auspices of Queen’s University

M.Eng. Students must complete all core courses first if they are offered, then they can chose other courses.

Additional courses may be offered in the future.  Note that the course offerings are subject to sufficient enrolment.

*The course dates in this document may still be subject to change.