UNENE Governance

UNENE is governed by a Board of Directors (BoD) with member representation from the funding industrial partners and universities. Two Advisory Committees; one on Education (EAC) and one on Research (RAC), manage and oversee the respective programs. The EAC and RAC committees consist of both Industry and University members. Both committee chairs report quarterly to the BoD on the status and results of research and educational activities. 

For administrative matters refer to: Board of Directors, Collaborative Research & DevelopmentEducation Advisory Committee, GovernanceIndustrial Research Chairs, M.Eng. Program, Research Advisory Commitee, in the Administration Area






Board of Directors (BOD)

  • Mandate – as set out in the By-Laws above.
  • The Chair of the Board is selected from the voting university representatives. The current Chair is Dr. Andy Hrymak, Western University.
  • The vice-Chair of the Board is selected from the voting industrial representatives. The current Vice-Chair is Gary Newman, Bruce Power.
  • BOD list of representatives 
  • BOD Admin area [password protected]


  • For administrative functions, the UNENE Board of Directors appoints a President and CEO, Secretary/Treasurer and Program Director as officers of UNENE and other positions as deemed necessary. Current officers of UNENE are:
  • Mr. Jerry Hopwood, President, Jerry.Hopwood1@gmail.com
  • Dr. Ben Rouben, Secretary / Treasurer, benjamin.rouben@sympatico.ca
  • Dr. Nik Popov, Program Director, nik.popov@rogers.com
  • Administrative Assistant, Areti Tsiliganos, unene@mcmaster.ca, 905.525.9140 ext. 20168

Education Advisory Committee (EAC)

  • Mandate [pdf]
  • The Chair and Vice-Chair of the EAC are selected from the voting representatives. The current Chair is Dr. Mahesh Pandey, University of Waterloo. The current Vice-Chair is Dr. Emily Corcoran, Royal Military College.
  • EAC list of representatives
  • EAC Admin area [password protected]

Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

Master’s of Engineering Program

Industrial Research Chairs

Collaborative Research and Development Grants