AECL: The company that launched a nuclear nation

Boulder with AECL plaque
Image: AECL

As Canada’s federally owned nuclear science and technology organization turns 70, Nuclear Engineering International Magazine featured the company in its December 2021 issue. Jacquie Hoornweg, Executive Director, Brilliant Energy Institute, looks at the links between Atomic Energy Canada Limited, Canada’s nuclear history, and the country’s vision for a net-zero future.

JAN. 21, 2022 – Formed in 1952 with a mandate to develop peaceful uses of nuclear energy and run the Chalk River Laboratories, AECL has evolved, overcome challenges and made nuclear science history in the process. Today, the company’s stated vision is “to realize value to Canadians by driving nuclear innovation, creating a state-of-the-art nuclear campus, and cleaning up our legacy wastes.”

In the NEI article, AECL president Fred Dermarkar, who took the helm in February 2021, shares his vision for the company moving forward, including support for SMR and hydrogen development, rejuvenation of the Chalk River site, commitment to Indigenous reconciliation, and advocacy for public recognition of past accomplishments, and the future potential of nuclear science in Canada.

UNENE president Jerry Hopwood, whose career included many years at AECL, talks about the company’s instrumental role in the development of Canada’s nuclear academic and research communities. He credits the company’s training and education programs, in addition to its research, as key contributors to Canada’s capability today.

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