Ontario Tech student talks about fighting climate change in Maclean’s magazine

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Image: Tanner McBride and Maclean’s

Ontario Tech engineering student, Tanner McBride, discusses his passion for nuclear engineering and his beliefs on limiting carbon emissions through nuclear power.

OCT. 21, 2021 – An Ontario Tech University (OTU) student was featured in an Oct. 19 Maclean’s article highlighting Canadian university students’ ideas and passions for fighting climate change. Tanner McBride, the OTU nuclear engineering student, shared his thoughts on the power of nuclear energy in reducing carbon emissions.

McBride said his time at OTU made him more engaged and informed about global climate change. He believes nuclear energy is the most environmentally friendly power generation.  

“One of the reasons I decided to go into nuclear engineering is because I believe nuclear power is humanity’s most efficient and environmentally friendly way to generate power. By growing the nuclear industry, it is possible to make the transition away from carbon-emitting resources such as coal,” said McBride.

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