Former UNENE board member Diane Cameron reflects on her nuclear career

Canada gives one for the team

As Natural Resource Canada’s nuclear director, Diane Cameron helped chart the country’s nuclear roadmap and brought the technology into the climate change conversation. Ahead of her move to OECD-Nuclear Energy Agency, she sat down with NEI contributor Jacquie Hoornweg to reflect on her career and the path forward.

SEPT. 9, 2021 – Former UNENE board director Diane Cameron spent seven years as director of the Nuclear Division for Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) before her move earlier this year to join OECD-Nuclear Energy Agency to head up nuclear technology development.

Diane’s vision, commitment and leadership resulted in several milestones for both the Canadian and international nuclear industry during her time at NRCan.

“Diane’s contribution to the Canadian industry has been significant and the insights she brought to the UNENE board table, invaluable,” says UNENE president Jerry Hopwood. “The world is fortunate to have this champion of clean energy working at OECD-NEA, directing the nuclear file.”

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Diane Cameron is tracing back through her career to explain her pivot from a career destined for distinguished service in the Canadian government to take on her new role as head of the Nuclear Technology Development and Economics Division at the OECD-Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). 

Her journey has been powered by her intellect but as she speaks, it’s clear her career choices have been driven by her heart. Her internal compass points her toward solutions to climate change at a time when the planet is under duress from the strains of its effects.

One important contributor to climate change mitigation is low-carbon energy. Lots of it. One way to generate it, nuclear power.

Cameron joined NEA earlier this year following seven years as director of the Nuclear Division for Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Before taking that role, she says, she had seen increasing evidence of the powerful role nuclear could play in climate change mitigation. 

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