UNENE collaborators announce new nuclear waste storage research program

Three people hold up research equipment
Image: Western University

A new Western University research program funded by the NWMO and NSERC aims to strengthen our understanding of the safest way to store nuclear fuel waste.

AUG. 23, 2021 – Continuing a long history of research in nuclear waste long-term management in both Canada and internationally, Western University has been granted funding for a research program to deepen the understanding of the natural and engineered barrier system to safely isolate and contain nuclear fuel waste.

The $3.3 million research grant, given to UNENE-member Western University, was provided by UNENE industry member, Nuclear Waste Management Organization, and long-time collaborator, the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (commonly referenced as NSERC).

With Western’s more than two decades in the field, the program will build on Western’s specialized expertise, according to the university’s chemistry professor and corrosion researcher, Jamie Noël.

The research program includes partnerships with international nuclear waste management organizations in Switzerland, Japan, and Sweden. Some of the joint research will focus on validating the effectiveness of a three-millimetre copper coating for the multi-barrier system, and ensuring the different forms of nuclear fuel waste are insoluble and stable before long-term storage.

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