OPG’s Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability investing in innovation

Woman speaks at podium at CCNS
Image: OPG

OPG’s Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability (CCNS) invests in innovation of nuclear power throughout the CANDU life cycle. The centre is also developing projects to prepare for Pickering Nuclear decommissioning.

JULY 19, 2021 – For decades, OPG’s Pickering Nuclear Generating Station has produced clean electricity safely and reliably, and has been a steady source of life-saving Cobalt-60 medical isotopes.

This proud legacy will pave the path forward for the future of clean energy innovation, as Pickering Nuclear undergoes decommissioning.

OPG’s new Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability (CCNS), also located in Pickering, is gearing up to support this landmark project and help fulfill OPG’s mission to achieve a net-zero economy. The innovation hub will develop and promote sustainability of nuclear power generation throughout its entire lifecycle, while boosting the economy and creating skilled jobs.

In addition to research and development projects already underway, the centre has established a $2-million innovation fund for new R&D projects that will help prepare for decommissioning, as well as advance solutions for minimizing nuclear materials and recycling clean materials.

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