UNENE partner launches clean energy innovation campus

Helius: Research, Develop, Deliver. A world-class campus for innovation in clean energy.
Image: Kinectrics

The Kinectrics’ Helius facility will bring together several of Canada’s nuclear sector stakeholders, including UNENE network universities, to advance deployment of SMRs and hydrogen production as part of a clean energy strategy.

JUNE 25, 2021 – Kinectrics, a University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering (UNENE) partner based in Toronto, will design, build and operate a new collaborative research (R&D) campus to support clean energy advancement, including commercialization of small modular reactor (SMR) technology.  

In an announcement, June 7, Kinectrics President and CEO David Harris said its new facility called, Helius, would speed up the deployment of SMR technology around the world.

“Kinectrics is excited to be leading the way in supporting the development, testing and commercialization of SMRs, providing the critical infrastructure required to accelerate their introduction around the world,” said Harris as part of the announcement.

Through Helius, Kinectrics intends to bring together, under one roof, Canadian academic institutions, industry organizations, SMR developers and utilities.

Kinectrics is partnering with UNENE network universities including McMaster University, Ontario Tech University and Queen’s University on the innovation hub. Natural Resources Canada, a UNENE government partner will also collaborate with Kinectrics on this initiative.

As well, the Helius facility will feature a 10 MW electrically heated, helium test loop for the development and testing of materials, components and systems used in high temperature gas reactors.

The facility’s work will contribute to several aspects of clean energy systems beyond electricity, including district heating, greenhouse agriculture, hydrogen generation and storage facilities.

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