UNENE brings the nuclear university network to students through programs geared to working professionals

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For almost 20 years, UNENE has been helping people take the next step in their nuclear education and in their careers through programs that offer the best of Canadian and soon, international education.

Education and development of highly qualified personnel is one of UNENE’s principal objectives. For almost 20 years, this objective has been fulfilled through graduate level education at participating universities and professional development by university professors.   

UNENE uses a three-prong approach in delivering its educational services to Canadian industry: 

  1. Traditional industrial-oriented graduate degrees in nuclear-related disciplines, through the UNENE Graduate Degree (M.Eng.) program in Nuclear Engineering, jointly offered by member universities with UNENE overall coordination and support.
  2. Single course graduate education program, in which students can select a specific UNENE graduate course of their interest.
  3. Professional development education using training and refresher courses for industry organizations, tailored to specific industrial and organizational needs. 

Online Education

UNENE has used synchronous interactive distance education routinely since our inception.  Every course is given in class by an instructor and delivered by Webex in parallel. Webex recordings provide students an opportunity for reviewing the material during study, assignments and projects, and preparation for exams. 

During the pandemic, all UNENE courses were successfully given remotely using Webex. UNENE is exploring the practicality of delivering courses completely online using distance-education tools and e-lecture modules. This could improve education flexibility and allow students to better plan their time. 

Nuclear Graduate Degree Program

The UNENE graduate program is an attractive career-building option, offering unique opportunities and benefits to industry employees, including: 

  • Courses from five universities in Ontario selecting top-ranked instructors in their fields; 
  • Lectures over four weekends in each term, minimizing disturbance to students in full-time employment; 
  • Development of teamwork by encouraging students from different industry organizations to work in groups on assignments and projects; 
  • Flexibility to allow students to register for graduate courses at the most convenient pace for them; and 
  • Allowing for industry input to course classroom location. 

UNENE’s fundamental education building blocks are the graduate courses for the M.Eng. degree.  UNENE also uses these as the basis for courses for professional development.  UNENE has delivered several courses of this nature at the customer site. We are looking at further extending this education program mode with courses tailored to industry needs. Watch for more on this in the months ahead. 

International Perspective

One of UNENE’s most recent collaborations, with the International Atomic Energy Agency, CANDU Owner Group will bring the IAEA Nuclear Energy Management program to Canada. As well, UNENE is collaborating with other nuclear education networks worldwide to explore collaboration opportunities. 

Welcoming member input

UNENE works directly with industry through meetings of the Educational Advisory Committee, the UNENE Board of Directors, and through issue-specific working groups. This helps us keep our programs relevant and valuable to our industry stakeholders. 

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Interested in more information about the UNENE Education Program?  

Whether you are a nuclear professional looking to make the next step in your education, an industry member with a training need to fill or a university faculty member looking to get involved, connect with us to learn more about what UNENE offers.

Email us at UNENE@McMaster.ca.