Preserving Canada’s nuclear heritage

Black & white photo of work being done on a reactor in the 1940s
View of experimental work being conducted on the east side of NRX reactor in 1948. Photo: Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) via The Society for the Preservation of Canada’s Nuclear Heritage (SPCNHI)

Visit in person, take a trip online and watch for future webinars.

MARCH 15, 2021 – Since 2017, a charitable organization in Deep River, Ontario has been meticulously collecting artefacts from Canada’s 75-year nuclear history. 

The Society for the Preservation of Canada’s Nuclear Heritage (SPCNHI) has the goal to preserve and communicate Canada’s nuclear heritage through the collection, safeguarding and promotion of documents, artefacts, memorabilia and knowledge from the history of the Canadian nuclear industry.  

The organization has both a physical and a virtual museum. At the physical site in Deep River, there is an eventual plan to host educational programs, workshops, and historical researchers. Currently, interested members of the public can visit the museum by appointment. The virtual museum contains historic articles and images accessible through the SPCNHI website.  

UNENE and SPCNHI are currently planning a webinar organized by SPCNHI to celebrate Canada’s nuclear heritage, to which UNENE members will be invited. The date for this webinar will be shared in a future communication.

To learn more about SPCNHI and its historical collection, click here.

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