Canadian Radioactive Waste Summit welcomes diverse perspectives

Canadian Radioactive Waste Summit

Hosted by Nuclear Waste Management Organization, the virtual event will ask young Canadians, Indigenous peoples and other interested groups to help inform development of a long-term waste strategy for Canada.

MARCH 16, 2021 – Hearing from Canadians, particularly, young and Indigenous peoples, is a key step in the development of the country’s Integrated Strategy on Radioactive Waste.

One of the venues for this important dialogue will be the upcoming virtual Canadian Radioactive Waste Summit, March 30-April 1.

Event programming will be geared toward specific groups such as those in academia, young and Indigenous peoples, industry, civil society organizations, knowledge specialists in the radioactive waste field and interested Canadians.

Specifically, one of the goals of the summit is to collect opinions and feedback from diverse voices on the variety of topics that must be considered in the development of Canada’s Integrated Strategy on Radioactive Waste.

In November 2020, Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) was asked by the Government of Canada to lead the development of an integrated radioactive waste management strategy.

UNENE works as a secretariat for university input to the government’s radioactive waste policy modernization effort and serves as a connecting hub, representing and coordinating member university responses to its ongoing waste management policy review. 

The event will feature opportunities to learn about radioactive waste through presentations and panel discussions. It will also include breakout discussion groups and comment threads where participants can interact with each other and learn more about the related topics.

The event is free to attend and open to anyone.

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