OPG to become net-zero by 2040

Report cover: Building a brighter tomorrow
Image: OPG

Ontario Power Generation released its first-ever climate change plan focused on decarbonization in November 2020.

At a virtual event, Nov. 26, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) announced a Climate Change Plan that includes ambitious goals aimed at driving efficient, economy-wide decarbonization and economic renewal, while protecting the environment.

The plan establishes two major goals for the COG member:

  • Commit to being a net-zero carbon company by 2040; and
  • Commit to being a catalyst to help the markets where we operate achieve net-zero carbon economies by 2050.

The plan builds on OPG’s decades of work to reduce its carbon footprint. It is the largest clean electricity generator in the province and earlier this month announced it would move forward with planning to site a small modular reactor at Darlington as early as 2028.

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